Making Playground Safer For Children

Children are vulnerable to many diseases and surroundings. In fact, they are always at risk from playground. Though we all feel that children do enjoy themselves in playground, there are many cases of injury reported when playing in playgrounds. This is basically due to the surface of the playground. Children often fall down and face injuries. While some of these injuries are of smaller level, some are really harmful. An injury to head is a major concern. Fractures are also very harmful for kids. Children of 5 to 9 years face fractures, like shoulder, wrist, forearm and legs. To make the life of kids more secure, it is necessary to make the surface safe enough for kids.

By installing appropriate playground surface, like EPDM surfacing, the risk of injuries can be brought down significantly. It must prevent in tumbling a fracture. It is necessary to know which kind of surface is perfect for kids’ playground. The surface under playground equipment must be soft enough to keep children safe from getting injured.

There are many kinds of playground materials that can absorb such impacts. Each of these materials has its own benefits and some problems. Before you go on to choose any one of safety surface solutions for playgrounds, you should know about these properly.

Impact absorbing sand:

There are many playgrounds that are covered with sand. It is one of those materials that are readily available in the market. It is also very easy to install and is lot cheaper than many of the other options. One of the best things is that impact absorbing sand will not deteriorate in quality with regular usage within a very short time. There are some problems too, like it can easily conceal harmful objects, like syringes and broken glass. Sand is always attractive to animals and there will be hidden animal feces. It also gets combined with dust and mud easily. Sand is also easily displaced and wheelchair access is really tough on a sandy surface.

Bark soft fall:

Like sand it is also easily available and comes cheap. It is easy to install and it spreads on the surface easily.
The most problematic thing is it needs weekly maintenance. The quality decreases and the impact absorption will be reduced if it gets frozen, wet or combined with mud.

Wet pour rubber:

This water permissible material is durable and requires very low maintenance. It is made up of waste, thus is environment friendly. Wheelchair can be used properly on this.

Wet pour rubber is expensive material to install. It is bouncy and can be slippery if gets wet.

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